Production service in short

In production service, a product in stock is modified to a comprehensive solution the customer needs. Compared to a factory order, the benefit is the speed: when ordered from the factory, the delivery time can be several weeks. At the Masala production service, the solution can most often be delivered in under a week.

The average lead time is 3-4 work days. Express deliveries are targeted to be done within one (1) day delivery time. "We can do miracles in a minute, the impossible takes a bit longer"

The most common tasks are structural changes of motors, surface treatment, changes of protection class, adding extra equipment (e.g. a brake, a pulse sensor, additional fan) and assembly of gear motors.

All transmissions for KEB G helical gear motors available now with short delivery time

VEM MOTORS FINLAND'S production service has implemented a new modification type for KEB G helical gear motors. Our stock range of KEB G does not cover all transmissions. If the needed transmission is not in our stock program, the gear motor has to be ordered from factory and delivery time jumps from immediate to 8-12 weeks. Now with the new Transmission Change Service our stock covers all transmissions for gear sizes 0-4.

The normal delivery time is about 1-2 workdays from the order – if necessary, a 24/7 service, naturally.

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