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Hyvää joulua! 30.11.2021

Christmas 2021 / Exceptions to opening hours

The past year has once again been exceptional. Covid-19 does not appear to be in control in the light of recent cases of disease and mutation news. Social restraint and getting as many people as possible covered by vaccination still requires patience and time from all of us.

The technical industry has not faced a complete lock down like the tourism, culture or restaurant industry. We have been able to continue working in the new circumstances, for which we can be grateful. In addition to creating a corona-safe working environment, the challenge for the technical sector has been the difficulty of accessing raw materials and, consequently, rising prices. The challenges for the coming year will be seen in time.

We thank our customers and partners for this year! It has been a pleasure to work with you. Our Christmas greeting money has been donated to the Christmas Spirit campaign. The Christmas Spirit campaign will delight low-income families with children with food gift cards again this year. There is a great need for collection, as the covid-19 crisis has exacerbated the financial difficulties of families.

Exceptions to opening hours in December (no standard deliveries):



  • 24/7 alarm service (+358 40 554 8814).  

 THURSDAY 23.12.2021.

  • In urgent matters, please call Sami Kujala, tel. +358 400 766 491, or email .

 CHRISTMAS 24.-26.12.21

  • 24/7 alarm service (+358 40 554 8814).


Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year!


VEM motors Finland Oy