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VEM sellunkuivausmoottorit, Teemu Haustola ja Seppo Hujanen Metsä Fibrellä 14.11.2018

Metsä Group is drying pulp with smaller footprint

Metsä Group’s Metsä Fibre bioproduct mill in Äänekoski made a decision to renew it’s old pulp-drying machine. The machine has served since mid-80s.
The Strömberg motors in the machine had reached the end of their service life and were now replaced with VEM’s pulp drying motors. At first, upgrades were carried out on batches of 25 motors over a couple of years. This spring, the remainder of the upgrades were completed by replacing the final 50 + 50 motors. The project was started with IE2 energy efficiency class motors, and it was finalised with one hundred IE3 efficiency class motors. This change was done in order to reduce the ecological footprint of the pulp drying process.

Fighting the climate change

“The continual improvement of environmental efficiency and operations are the cornerstones of Metsä Fibre’s activities. That’s why the move to IE3 motors was an obvious choice for us”, explains Botnia Mill Services Teemu Haustola, responsible for the electric automation maintenance of the drying machines. VEM as motor brand was chosen, because the motors work excellently even when put to demanding use. The motor’s special feature, a long axle, works the bearings hard. VEM uses 63-series bearings, which have excellent durability.
The bioproduct mill carries out basic maintenance itself. If necessary, external service providers are used for larger service and maintenance jobs. Leivon Sähkö, member company of the Team VEM chain, has been their partner in motors and drives for years. In this project, Leivon Sähkö supplied and installed the motors for the upgrade to the pulp dryer.

The replacement added 20 effective years

“Leivon Sähkö has maintained Metsä Fibre’s motors since the earlier mill, which was commissioned in 1985” explains Seppo Hujanen, Production Manager at Leivon Sähkö. Renewing the pulp drying machine has been an interesting project. Larger maintenance jobs like this are often carried out during the mill’s annual maintenance shut-down. This sets strict time frames on product deliveries and the work itself. The latest installation of 50 motors was carried out within one week instead of the two working weeks that were originally reserved for the work. Our maintenance personnel are highly skilled and have a great attitude, so we were able to take care of the project even on a tight schedule,” says satisfied Hujanen.
“The installation work of the latest 50 motors progressed very quickly indeed, which the mill’s personnel also noticed. You have to give credit to the guys at Leivon Sähkö, who have dealt with every job excellently,” says Haustola. The new VEM motors have given the pulp drying machine an extra 20 years of energy-efficient service life.

Picture at top of page: left: Teemu Haustola from Botnia Mill Service, right: Seppo Hujanen from Leivon Sähkö.

Marjut Vainio

Marjut is VEM motors Finland's Marketing Manager.