VEMoDRIVE cares about your drives

Save time, trouble, and money with the VEMoDRIVE service – ensure that the equipment runs continuously and cost-efficiently and has a longer service life

Every company sometimes gets into a situation where external, expert help is more than welcome. As for electric drives, there is now an efficient solution to such situations – VEMoDRIVE.

Our VEMoDRIVE service takes care of the installation of our products, commissioning, and preventive and scheduled maintenance. You can order the service with one phone call, for example, in connection with ordering a product.

VEMoDRIVE Installation package

Installation of a motor, gear motor, frequency converter, or an entire electric drive

  • The package contains installation, cabling, motor alignment, and connections
  • Price: EUR 75 /h + kilometre allowance and other expenses

VEMoDRIVE Commissioning package

Commissioning of a frequency converter

  • The package contains installation and connection checks, parametrisation of the equipment, and parameter documentation
  • Price: EUR 194,30 /h + kilometre allowance and other expenses; serial work to be agreed upon separately

VEMoDRIVE Preventive and scheduled maintenance

Maintenance of an electric drive or an entire production plant

  • Scope and content as agreed

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