We store electric motors, frequency converters, and gears comprehensively. You can also get the products quickly from the stock of a local VEM reseller, and in a few days from the principals’ buffer warehouses in Europe.

A big part of the special products are delivered directly from the factory production, which is the most cost-efficient and logistically flexible method. Storing products with special specifications in our central warehouse or at our reseller’s warehouse is also possible. A buffer storage is justified especially considering the production when it comes to critical products.

The opening hours of the Kirkkonummi cash & carry:

Monday to Thursday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Fridays 8:00 – 15:30
On call 24/7, tel. +358 (0)40 554 8814

Driving instructions:

VEM MOTORS FINLAND is located by the Kehä III ring road in Kirkkonummi Masala, 2 km from the western end of Kehä III, that is, from Hangontie. From the Turku road, the distance along Kehä III is 8 km. See location on the map.


VEM motors

IE3-W41R and W43-series K21R-series
3000 rpm 0,75 – 132 kW 3000 rpm 0,15 – 0,75 kW
1500 rpm 0,12 – 315 kW 1500 rpm 0,06 – 0,75 kW
1000 rpm 0,75 – 55 kW 1000 rpm 0,18 – 0,75 kW

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VEM slip ring motors

110 – 160 kW

Motor accessories

Product Installed in the production service
Stromag brakes Stromag brakes
Wistro fans Wistro fans
Leine&Linde encoders Leine&Linde encoders
Spare parts Anti-condensation heating
  Thermistors / PT100
  Reinforced and isolated bearings
  SPM nipples
  Parts for structural changes

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Yaskawa GA500 Current Power
1-phase, 230 V 1,6 – 9,6 A 0,2 – 2,2 kW
3-phase, 400 V 1,2 – 44 A 0,2 – 22 kW
Yaskawa GA700    
3-phase, 400 V 2,1 – 140 A 0,2 – 75 kW
Yaskawa A1000    
3-phase, 400 V 1,8 – 208 A 0,75 – 110 kW

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G-series helical geared motors
S-series worm gears with different transmission ratios
B-series worm gears with different transmission ratios
X-series worm gears, sizes 30-110, different transmission ratios with accessories
CV-series inline gears with IEC motor connection

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