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VEM 12.08.2014

Change in management at VEM in Wernigerode




Jürgen Sander has retired from his position as the CEO of VEM motors GmbH, Wernigerode, for personal reasons.


Jürgen Sander has forty years to look back at VEM. He also held a number of honorary positions as well as board membership at the NUMOV, the German Near and Middle East Association business forum, presidency at CEMEP, chairmanship and advisory board membership in the ZVEI and membership in the Wernigerode Lions Club.

His expertise and in-depth know-how played a pivotal role in sustaining revenues at VEM and ensuring jobs in the Wernigerode region.


Rüdiger Strümpel took reins at VEM motors GmbH in Wernigerode on 21/07/2014. Having acted as plant manager at the VEM location, Rüdiger Strümpel will be bringing decades of experience in advanced manufacturing technologies and processes to the table, while applying his expertise towards ongoing business at VEM motors GmbH in a reliable and trustworthy manner.


In addition, Dr. Torsten Kuntze, Technical and Sales Director at the VEM Berlin and Dresden locations, will be taking the reins for sales at all of the VEM locations as the VEM Group focuses the overall responsibility for high and low voltage as well as converter technology sales in Dr. Kuntze. Producing almost only in Germany, this will give VEM more agility in providing the highest quality to the market.





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