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VEM 27.09.2016

Compliance Certification of DoE for VEM low-voltage motors



Several series of VEM low-voltage motors have been granted approval in the form of Compliance Certification from the US Department of Energy. In a letter dated 16th June 2016, the DoE confirmed that the following motor series comply with the current EISA regulations:

VEM IE3 motor Premium Efficiency series IE3-W41R, IE3-WE1R; 5.0 to 200.0 hp
(3.7 to 150.0 kW), and particularly in connection with project business
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VEM roller table motor Light-duty roller table motors of the series IE3-A41R; 6.0 to 177 hp
(4.5 to 132.0 kW), in 2-, 4- and 6-pole versions.
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Approval under the Compliance Certification of DoE was preceded by approval in accordance with CSA C 390-10 for Canada. Customers will find corresponding references on the motor rating plates and in the documentation.




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