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Nosturimoottorit 18.03.2022

Crane modernization project – new motors to replace old ones

In the summer of 2021, we received an inquiry of motors for a crane modernization project.

The modernization project needed new motors for the main lifting, auxiliary lifting, bridge transmission and wagon transmission of the 95/25 ton and 65/15 ton cranes.

The inquiry included 26 motors with a frame size of IEC 132 – 280 in the power range of 4 to 65 kW, speeds of 1500 and 1000 rpm.

Together with the technical staff at our factory, we got the motors sized during the fall. The customer accepted VEM’s solution and we received the order by the end of October. After that, the final design of the motors and the ordering of the necessary components began at the factory.

In addition to VEM motors, the project included also:
• Stromag NFF and BZFM brakes, maximum 1600 Nm
• Hübner Giessen sensors
• Wistro auxiliary fans

Since the old motors were to replace with new ones, it required special solutions with installation dimensions in order to fit the new motors to the old installation locations. However, this kind of solutions are quite easy for VEM to implement.

The motors were delivered in week 11/2022.

Once again, a great demonstration of VEM motors’ ability to deliver challenging solutions on a fast schedule. Expertise and quality Made in Germany.

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