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VEM 8.03.2017

Do you have the motor in stock right now?




VEM online serviceVEM online is for you if you are very often in need of quick availability of electric motors. With VEM online 24/7 service it’s easy to find out which motors are in stock at the moment. The system includes the motor stock at VEM motors in Germany, Wernigerode and the motor stock at VEM motors Finland in Masala. 


The search can be limited to certain motor size, power, pole number, frequency, voltage, type of construction, IE class or product code. There are two stocks, Germany and Scandinavia (meaning Finland, Masala).

User-ID is needed for the service.  Order the User-ID here »

How to use VEM online

0. Order the user-id

1. Sign in to the system

2. Choose the stock (Germany = VEM Wernigerode, Skandinavia = Finland, Masala)

3. Choose filters, like frame size, power etc. At discount work sheet you can place the discount agreed with VEM motors Finland (or with VEM motors in Germany).

4. Check the stock situation. Price is either gross price + Cu-surplus or discount price + Cu-surplus.

5. Choose the right product. Order the motors from: (or if you’re not VEM motors Finland’s customer > from German competence center)
6. Make money.

VEM motors Finland Oy