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VEM 8.12.2015

Finnish Waveroller produces wave energy


Climate changes are visible for all. Discussions to halt the global warming seem to lead nowhere. On the other hand, research of renewable energies is done all over the world.

The World Meteorological Organization, WMO estimates that the current year may be the hottest during the time when heat measurements have been made worldwide. Paris climate meeting is to discuss halting global warming, which largely determine the future of our globe. Finnish government’s goal is to raise the sustainable share of renewable energy in the 2020s more than 50 per cent, to halve the consumption of imported oil and increase energy self-sufficiency of more than 55 per cent. At the same time, research of utilizing the renewable energies is done all over the world. Finnish company AW-Energy has just opened a research center for the hard exploitable wave energy in Järvenpää.


AW-Energy Oy launched a wave power research center in Järvenpää, Finland in November 2015. The research center is probably the world’s first full-scale virtual wave power station. According to AW-Energy’s CEO John Liljelund, one tenth of world’s energy could be produced from waves in the future. Wave power plant is also a nice form of production because on the seabed it is not seen and heard by anyone else than the fishes.


In the Järvenpää research center the wave machine produces an equivalent power of ocean waves. The power plant units can be tested and adjusted them to meet the exact local conditions in the final plant site in various parts of the world.


Waveroller equipment is installed in coastal water on the seabed about 12 meters deep. Machine’s plate collector harnesses ocean bottom waves, the strength of which varies during the year significantly less than surface waves.


In the technology the disc, which is lighter than water, follows the water back and forth movement and converts wave energy into the piston movement. Energy is transferred to a hydraulic system for the generator, which produces electricity into the electricity distribution network. VEM has been involved in the project so that the test system is provided by a VEM two-shaft IEC 315 motor.


Waveroller wave power plants have been tested in the right environment, ie in the ocean, in Portugal.

Source: AW-Energy Oy

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