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VEM 8.06.2016

Ilkka Hakamäki’s retirement party



Over 40 years service, strict and accurate sales work. Few of us is made on iron, but Ilkka “Ile” Hakamäki must consist a bit of it.

On Friday, May 27th, 2016 VEM motors Finland’s warehouse was trimmed in festive mode to celebrate Commercial Knight’s Release party. The party in warehouse was selected for symbolic reasons. In 1973, Ile started his career in former Konemyynti  Oy as a warehouse worker.  Number of current and former colleagues, as well as customers and principals were invited. Send-off was spent in traditional ceremonies and fairly thoroughly.

– The most important thing in sales work is patience. When you fish for big fish, never give up, even if you have to wait for prey. You can always get lucky next time.  Another important thing is the accuracy and reliability. You just have to do what you have promised and on schedule, tells Ile as advice to sales people, who wish to succeed.

Thank you Ile for the magnificent contribution to the company and enjoyable and carefree retirement!

A big thank you to all party guests!

Celebrating Commercial Knight’s Release. Ilkka “Ile” Hakamäki sitting, third from left.
Biting fresh air: Tanja Klippi, VmF (left); Andreas Festerling, VEM motors GmbH; Sami Kujala, VmF and Kari Randell, Ex-VmF.
House band The Anttoset: Jesper Anttonen / vocals & guitar, Joonatan Anttonen / Cajoon box and Ari Anttonen / vocals & guitar
Wild on the dance floor..

Claes Sjöblom from Yaskawa Europe, representative of our newest principal is also an ex-colleague of Ile. 

Ex-Managing Director Pentti Luhtala presented an interessant story of company’s history and Ile’s part in it.
Ex-Managing Director Kari Randell remembered the times working together.
Present Managing Director Sami Kujala congratulated, told anekdotes along the years and stated one detail: Few people is able to reach over 40 years career at the service of same employer.



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