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VEM 10.06.2011

In one go towards smaller energy bills


IE motor compulsory in European Union area

At the monent, a motor of IE2 efficiency is the minimum requirement.

The users have often expressed criticism about what’s been decided in the “big circles”. However, the increasing the efficiency of an electric motor has been proved – beyond doubt – to lower the energy bill. The payback time of the purchase is short in many cases, only a few months.

Demand for better – “IE4”

VEM motors Finland Oy, Member of Cleantech Finland, supplier of full service and full range of electric motors, encourages its customers to consider a bigger step toward a greener environment and a smaller electricity bill.

We offer you a complete range of “IE4+” motors. We implement this with permanent magnet motors, which we have in our programme as standard types up to 90 kW efficiency. “High Torque” motors in VEM program up to 13,500 Nm torque.

Please contact us, and we will find out what kind of motor the law requires you to use, and if we can find an even better solution for your application to save energy!  

Further information:

Mikko Valtonen
Product manager, motors
Tel. +358 (0)20 761 3714


VEM motors Finland Oy