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VEM 27.09.2016

Innovative hybrid drive for the EcoTrain Traction motor and generator are new developments of VEM



»Erzgebirgsbahn« with EcoTrain

»Erzgebirgsbahn« with EcoTrain

The EcoTrain is to make its debut among the hills and valleys of the German state of Saxony. According to the German Railways (DB), this modern hybrid rail vehicle will add to the economic and environmental efficiency of local passenger services on non-electrified routes.

The train concept incorporates innovative drive components from VEM. Sachsenwerk supplied important components for the hybrid drive system. One completely new development is the water-jacketed permanentmagnet generator for ultimate efficiency in thermal class 200. The drives are built around compact geared motors and can thus also be viewed as product innovations.

The EcoTrain embodies a whole new approach to railway engineering: A modular technology platform on a diesel-electric, serial hybrid basis. Depending on the position of the train, the optimum energy split between diesel and electric drive can be calculated and set automatically. The system controls not only the traction units, but also the auxiliary consumers.

The project outcome is a quiet, environment-friendly solution with a reduced carbon footprint. Supported by funding from the Saxon government, this new development from DB‘s industrial and research partners will help to make local rail transport more attractive in the future.

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