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VEM 30.10.2015

Need to synchronize movements?


Tramec kierukkavaihde kaksoisulostulollaTramec worm gear with double output is the perfect choice for mutual syncronisation of two shafts. Inside the worm gear there is one worm shaft and two gear wheels. This gear achieves perfect synchronised shaft motion!

Input can be equipped for instance with motor, variator or another gear.

  • Sizes 135, 150, 170 and 230 is directly the distance of the shafts from each other
  • Max. output torque 66 – 268 Nm/output depending on shaft and transmission ratio
  • Radial loads 1200 – 3000 N

Please contact:

VEM motors Finland Oy
Janne Karjalainen
Product Manager, Gears
Tel. +358 207 613 721


VEM motors Finland Oy