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Story of an express delivery

Our Masala warehouse once again produced feelings of happiness, this time for our Swedish customer on Friday last week. Swedish Team VEM reseller shop called our sales on Friday at 1.20 pm and asked its customer a four-pole 250 kW motor to replace a broken one. The breakdown of the motor stopped the production line, so the rush to find replacement was tough. A suitable motor was found and since the customer still wanted to change from a standard bearing to a roller bearing, the bearings were quickly replaced in our production service. The 1,500 kg engine was ready to be picked up by the truck at 4 p.m. Skellefteå is more than 1000 km from Masala and the driving time is about 12 hours. The customer received the engine on Saturday, approximately 16 hours after ordering. Quick installation and production at the sawmill was ready to be launched.

It is probably not a completely uncovered statement: the VEM warehouse in Masala, Kirkkonummi, is the most comprehensive in the Nordic countries.

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