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VEM 6.06.2014

The end for IE1 motors


Deadline 27th July 2014: EU tightens the provisions of Motor Regulation 640/2009 under new designation.


The deadline is final. New ecodesign regulations come into force for electric motors on 27th July 2014. The most important news: Manufacturers will then no longer be allowed to distribute non-classified or IE1 motors which are covered by the tightened regulations. VEM welcomes this step on the part of the European Union, which is intended to plug a number of loop-holes relating to energy-efficient motors.

The new regulations apply equally to running contracts. This means that even current orders must be suspended on the effective date insofar as the deliveries are not brought forward.

Important to know: The present Commission Regulation (EC) No. 640/2009 is not being withdrawn. The existing requirements are instead to be supplemented and will in future stand under the title Commission Regulation (EU) No. 4/2014.

Stricter exemptions

Certain exemptions remain effective for IE1 motors and motors without efficiency classification. The limits from which these exemptions apply, however, will be shifted back as follows from 27th July 2014:

  • Use at altitudes above 1000 m, then 4000 m
  • Ambient temperature above +40 °C, then +60 °C
  • Ambient temperature below -15 °C, then -30 °C, or below 0 °C for water-cooled motors
  • Coolant temperature below +5 °C, then 0 °C, and above +25 °C, then +32 °C.

Products affected by the changes can no longer be supplied after the above deadline. The changes are furthermore independent of the planned expansion of the standard IEC/EN 60034-30, 2nd edition, which is currently in preparation.

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