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VEM competencies also in demand in Malaysia

The fact that trade fairs represent an important point of contact between manufacturers and buyers is demonstrated by the orders received for motors used for through-ventilated IP23 drives and surface-cooled IP55 drives at the TOC Asia 2019. The fair, which normally takes place every spring in Singapore, lasts only two days and is the central event for the Asian market in the container supply chain sector.

VEM convinces with fast solutions

VEM was able to demonstrate its expertise when buyers from the container port PTP Malaysia were urgently looking for a competent, fast and trustworthy supplier for identical, customer-specific replacement motors. The customer therefore needed proposals and solutions for the replacement of the motors in use on the existing STS crane systems (Ship to Shore) without conversion measures, so that downtimes are kept to a minimum in the event of accidents or major, necessary maintenance work.

The VEM Group was able to offer functional solutions and a short delivery time for the container port problem. After further discussions with the purchasing management and the technical maintenance department, VEM won the contract and was able to prevail over both the competition and the original supplier of the motors. Even before order assignment and commencement of production at the Wernigerode site, it was possible to discuss the final adjustments during an on-site appointment with PTP Malaysia.

Motors as required

The customer requested two forced-ventilated IP23 machines of cooling type IC06, as well as one unventilated motor each of IC410 and one self-ventilated of IC411 with protection type IP55. Specifically, this included a hoist motor, a trolley motor, a boom motor and a gantry motor.



Hoist This is the lifting mechanism for lifting or lowering loads.
Trolley  This is the trolley through which the hoist can be moved on the crane bridge or boom.
Boom On the STS, this is the part on which the trolley of an overhead crane is mounted horizontally. A load can be lowered or raised by the boom at a point other than directly under the hoist drum or trolley.
Gantry The gantry allows the complete crane or crane frame to be moved radially to the trolley.

The motors were adapted to the customer’s individual requirements in terms of their performance and further design:

Designation Motor type Degree of protection Output (kW) Voltage (V) Speed (rpm)
Three phase motor with squirrel cage rotor, Special version for intermittent operation Gantry IP55 26 480 1.775
Three phase motor with squirrel cage rotor, Inverter supply, six-pole Hoist IP23 600 480 750
Three phase motor, Operation on the frequency inverter Trolley IP55  105  480 1.783
Three phase motor with squirrel cage rotor, Inverter supply, special version for intermittent operation Boom IP23 225 480 1.774


VEM makes a quantum leap with IP23 motors

Already at the beginning of 2019, the VEM Group decided to resume production of the well-known IP23 motors in order to cover the continuously increasing demand. Unlike the IP55 motors, these have a different cooling principle, which is why they require a different design and construction plan. At the time of the customer order, the new production of IP23 motors was still in its infancy, so the range was successfully built up in parallel with the execution of the order. The development and design of the motors at VEM was accelerated enormously by the project with PTP Malaysia.

Design and construction challenges

As the client was bound to the design of their previous supplier, production was started after clarifying the technical and design details in order to be able to guarantee on-time delivery. The delivered machines are installed as soon as one of the existing motors fails or maintenance and servicing work is due.

The project was an exciting challenge for VEM. The motors had to be adapted to the existing designs, which required precise and dimensionally accurate work, work in which the VEM Group has always demonstrated its expertise. In addition, the customer was not able to provide all details such as plans, dimensional drawings or individual units by the start of production. Due to the installation requirements of a motor at the lofty height of a crane, any small deviations in the design would have led to severe problems. Since both the old motors and the new VEM motors were to be used, the finished product had to be as close as possible to the original. Later adjustments would not have been possible.

Successful conclusion and follow-up orders

VEM was able to complete the project to the customer’s full satisfaction and deliver the motors to the customer in Tanjung Pelepas in Johor, Malaysia. The last delivery was in April 2020. So far, of the motors produced in Wernigerode, the trolley motor and the gantry motor are already in use.

The excellent work has already won VEM a number of follow-up orders. Since then, the company is acting as a supplier for this customer for all requirements regarding motors, but especially for the replacement of trolley motors.


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