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Yaskawa Sustainability 24.02.2022

Yaskawa takes active steps towards sustainability

Last year, there was a lot of talk about the energy efficiency of electric drives and the potential to reduce carbon and other footprints. The EU’s Ecodesign legislation, which came into force last summer, also takes a stand for the first time on the energy consumption of frequency converters, when previously limit values were set only for electric motors. Since last summer, the efficiency level IE2 has been required for frequency converters. All drives sold by Yaskawa meet this limit. In addition, as we know, drive technology can cut the energy consumption of electric drives in many different ways. Braking energy can even be recycled.

In addition, Yaskawa aims to develop the production process into energy-neutral by 2050. The video explains the energy saving potential of the products and Yaskawa’s sustainable development measures:

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