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Smooth start for slip-ring motors

The VECTROSTAR starters are automatic control devices designed to smoothly reduce a starting resistance according to the resistant torque of the machine, ending at a value close to 0, at the end of the start-up sequence. This can be used also with very slow motors speeds, for instance in starting-up a locked and loaded motor. The needed start-up current for slip-ring motors is 0,5 – 1,5 x In.

Vectrostar R

  • Reduces remarkably start-up current needed
  • Gives a maximum torque with minimum current
  • Enables subsequent starts without damaging the specific resistance
  • Suits most motors, easy to change motors and other drive units
  • Dampens mechanical strokes with constant acceleration torque and progressive accelerating speed
  • Why Vectrostar R?
    1. Smoothness
    Permanent and controlled reduction of rotor resistance starts the machinery smoothly.

    2. Modifications
    Amount of electrolyte adapts the Vectrostar R to each environment. Considerable factors are among others resistance, moment of inertia and load. Duration of start-up is dependent on the adjustment of the regulating valve, that controls the electrolyte dosing and liquid flow.

    3. Accuracy
    Efficient liquid circulation between the capacious spare tank and the upper start-up tank ensures similar subsequent start-ups.

    4. Safety
    Enclosure is electronically isolated (except R 1500 – 4000, which require earthing) Liquid temperature of start-up tank is measured with thermostat.

    5. Strong structure
    Protection class IP 56, corrosion-resistant furnishing, minor need for service
    R25 – 800 light alloy
    R1500 – 4000 stainless steel (AlSI 304L)

    6. Reliability
    Thanks to low operating temperature electrolyte liquid needs very little service
    Corrosion-resistant electrodes reduce oxidation and cracks
    Equipment can be assembled in all environments
    Full automation of start-ups with standard equipment is possible

    7. Cost-effectiveness
    Vectrostar R is a very advantageous solution due to flexible assembly and minor need for service