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Non-ventilated wood dryier motor

Non-ventilated wood dryer motors. Suitable for frequency converter operation. Winding tropical-proof, Viton shaft seal, painting with two-component coating.

  • frame sizes 132 – 280
  • power range 5,5 – 55 kW
  • speeds 1500 and 1000 1/min
  • cooling method IC 410, non-ventilated, no fan and fan cover
  • relubrication device (NS) as standard
  • holes for condensed water drilled and closed with rivet
  • protected against hard ambient conditions with Tropicalproof TII
  • paint system 06 “world wide”
  • rating plate, outside bolts, lubrication nipple and Viton-gammaring of stainless steel
  • protection class IP 55 as standard, higher degrees up to IP 656 on request
  • available also for efficiency class IE2
  • Suitable also for frequency converter operation