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Suojavarustetuotanto 16.06.2020

Manufacture of personal protective equipment for coronavirus kickstarted quickly with a VEM solution

As we noticed in spring, we can run into issues if we do not have production to support the national security of supply. There has been a major shortage of personal protective equipment that is suitable for use by health care professionals, and procuring them via international channels has proven challenging. There has been a rush to kickstart domestic production by several operators and industries.

In Finland, Misetek’s Mikko Lehmusto was urgently commissioned to design and build material cutting machinery for the mass production of coronavirus personal protection equipment for use in health care. The aim was to begin production as soon as possible.

Experience of attending trade fairs came in handy here. Lehmusto’s first contact with VEM was at the Teknologia trade fair in Helsinki last year. Keijo ‘Keke’ Sumusalo’s product range and service skills had left a lasting impression on him.

VEM motors Finland’s comprehensive warehouse in Masala proved to be very useful. A simple solution, 3 x (VEM motor + Tramec worm gear + Yaskawa converter) was available directly from the warehouse. Marcus Sandström from Masala’s production service installed suitable secondary axles as an overnight service.

From drawing board to implementation in just three weeks

The delivery of electrical components from factory via production line alone would have taken 9-10 weeks. Now the entire design and construction from first draft to implementation had been completed in under three weeks!

The warehouse products saved time and allowed construction of the machinery to begin immediately. This rapidly kickstarted the production of domestic personal protective gear.


VEM motors Finland Oy
Keijo Sumusalo


VEM motors Finland Oy